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Great quality mattresses for every budget.

Our products are everything you want for your sleep and sweet dreams. Stylish designs, a wide color range to choose from and great price.


Our mattresses are high-quality and are affordable.


Our mattresses have been built to offer the same comfort for many years.


Suitable for those who enjoy having a better bounce in the bedroom.

Fabric Variety

We have a wide variety of attractive fabrics to choose from.

Crafted with excellence

Every mattress we create is highly customized to ensure that you get great quality, comfort and overall better sleep with every brand you choose for your needs. We ensure that you get the perfect mix of great price and great quality because there is no reason you should compromise!


Marhaba Mattress

If you are looking for a high quality foam mattress with a great price in Kenya, then Marhaba is the right fit for you. Marhaba has great firmness which makes the mattress very supportive and comfortable.

Starting at 5,790/-

HeavyDoze Orthopaedic Mattresses

An orthopaedic mattress is designed to support your joints, back and overall body. We design our mattresses using the latest scientific technologies so that you get a restful night’s sleep with comprehensive support to minimize body aches and pains.

Starting at 19,270/-

Cool Spring Mattress

Our Spring Mattresses are designed to guarantee great spring resilience for great sleep. We ensure that we utilize multiple wire gauge and spring height available to suit clients’ different needs. We also ensure that we use great quality fabric patterns so that your own mattress model will be trendy.

Starting at 22,280/-

Find your perfect mattress

We have the most comfortable mattresses that can give for the perfect resting and sleeping solution

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Why Kingfoam?

We strive to provide the very best foam products, the main one being our most comfortable mattresses that can give for the perfect resting and sleeping solution. Kings foam is a passion driven company and is committed to offer you the most stylish designs, crafted with the latest foam making technologies to offer you superior products. We are confident that our products are as premium as we say and would like to welcome you to indulge on our various offerings which explicitly suit your needs. We ensure good quality control and can vouch for our products, some of our premium mattresses come with a guarantee so you can rest assured that we are the best.

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